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What is Link Juice?

Link Juice is Google Money or it could be just as good , without it you are a worthless Ranker . Link Juice is how Google rates or counts is the quality , relevance and popularity of your website. If a high ranking website links to yours that is the essence of the juice, the more quality backlinks you have, the more link juice you . So it is not hard to guess that you increase your good backlinks if you plan on increasing your Juice.

The juice will make use of the sites , so you can make your backlinks to you to get the highest link juice or break you . Make hundreds of backlinks to a website that has little or no juice and you have just wasted your time , but do you have a good quality back link and pours the juice baby are . Also very important in this structure is your overall linking strategy . A well thought out plan can really increase your backlinking juice and thus your rank. Stay away from zero juice left not only are they a waste of time , but they can actually hurt your rankings . It’s great to put out a few Web 2.0 property, but if it is then only your links will be, too . Remember link juice is undoubtedly the most important factor used in Google page ranking , and you have to work hard to get it .

One last thing about link juice , I believe it will directly affect the quality of the content and the layout of the site and backlinking formula together . You can always tell when an article spun or whatever rewritten without original content . I can not stress this enough , is an original article in the value of one hundred spun rip- offs . No machine can replicate the power of the human element, which seems only natural in a unique article. Plus readers are not stupid, these are your colleagues see the same information that you have learned and studied , they all do their research on the net and not a fake when they see it. So spend the extra time to write original relevant content filled articles and your link juice cup overflows !

I’ll tell you , I’ve learned my juice and my page directly increase the pr3 and I was at zero . I must admit I have a little help, I use a program called Posture Page [ http://www.pageposture.com ] and it was amazing the juice I just follow the instructions ( I’m a bit new to the whole backlinking ideas) , but I’ll tell you page Posture [ http://www.pageposture.com ] is an amazing system. You might want to think about picking up a good product so , just to give you so you do not start to make any rookie mistakes , but you can avoid them. Juicy, Juice !