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SEO Marketing and Backlinking

One of the most effective ways of creating and increasing your ranking with Google is through backlinks.

The backlink strategy falls under the SEO (search engine optimization) marketing umbrella and according to Google.About.com, it refers to “hyper-links pointing to a particular Web page. Backlinks are important to SEO, because Google considers the quality and quantity of backlinks to determine Page Rank.” Page Rank is a measure of popularity Google assigns a website.

A backlink, simply put, is one website linking to another. In other words, inbound links to your site. You can liken it to a popularity contest – the more links in (votes) the better.

But, there is one essential element Google requires to effective backlinking – they must be from relevant and authoritative websites.

There are two methods of getting backlinks: the slow (ethical) way or the fast (unethical) way.

Backlinking the Ethical Way

The ethical backlinking strategy is to use organic inbound marketing. You will need to create relevant ‘to your site’ content (blog post) that’s keyword effective, engaging, valuable, and most importantly, shareable.

It’s this regularly updated fresh content that will create an inbound funnel back to your site. Readers will see your articles, find them valuable, and link back to your site.

Another organic inbound strategy is using linkbait.

Linkbait can take the form of any content that will be perceived by someone as having value. It must be valuable enough for the person to click on the link back to your website. This creates an ethical and organic inbound backlink.

Examples of linkbait include:

• Free ebooks that are entertaining or informative
• Free podcasts or videos that are entertaining or informative
• Free helpful online tools
• Articles or blog posts that are entertaining, informative, or controversial
• Games / puzzles
• Polls
• A resource page on your site

You get the idea. Linkbait must have a perceived value to the person in order to motivate him enough to click on your link.