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Central Google SEO Strategies That Are Good for Bing

According to a new study by Searchmetrics, the Google and Bing search engines have closely related search ingredients. The report, which looks at SEO ranking factors for Bing, follows on from a similar study they conducted on Google.

The findings highlight the fact that the two search engines actually look for identical traits when deciding which information and what content is of most use to internet users and therefore should be topping the listings.

These results demonstrate that companies no longer need to create content aimed specifically at one engine or the other.

The Searchmetrics study discovered that social signals, on-page content factors and keywords and links were the main features found in content that topped both Bing and Google SERP positions.

In terms of keywords and backlinks, the report shows that on average, the share of backlinks with keywords is 10% higher for Bing than for Google. It points out that Google is now focusing more on natural link profiles, which is also something, according to the report, that Bing is now beginning to do, although the evaluation of backlink profiles is still fairly unspecific on the latter.

The Google and Bing studies found some interesting trends for SEO firms to consider, and here are some of the findings:

Produce good content

This should be a given across the board by now, but this research found that good content is vital. Positive content factors are associated with good rankings, but the study found that Bing correlations are not as high as Google’s values.

Searchmetrics found that the best ranking URLs generally have more text and more additional media integrations compared to those that have poor ranking URLs on both search engines. The research highlights that a good internal link structure is a very important quality attribute.